ITA’s E-Lab Innova Programme – A Timely Boost For Agribusiness Growth In Ghana

Agriculture has over the years been the driving force behind Ghana’s economic growth. With the country’s shift in focus from aid to trade to drive its development agenda, a robust agribusiness sector will be pivotal in powering this change and giving an effective meaning to the new mantra of “trade, not aid.” In pursuit of this goal however, the important role of training and capacity building as well as partnership facilitation, cannot be overemphasized. This is why the Italian Trade Agency’s (ITA) e-Lab Innova programme, a platform to facilitate knowledge transfer and partnership creation between Italian and Ghanaian agribusiness companies, is critical. Italy has been a powerhouse of agribusiness over the years and the country’s rich trove of knowledge in the sector, gained through years of development, is a gold mine for all countries seeking to modernize its agricultural sector for effective economic growth.

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