Kwasi Nyantakyi Also Culpable For Confidential Leaks - Odotei

Kwasi Nyantakyi should not cry foul over the mess at the Ghana FA for he is part of the problem says King Faisal CEO Vincent Sowah-Odotei. The Ghana FA boss over the weekend blasted members of his Executive Committee for leaking confidential documents to the media. Ghana has in the past month been subjected to international ridicule especially after the local press benefited from an Ex.Co leak of coach Goran Stevanovic�s Nations Cup post-mortem report which sited the use of Black Magic by players during the tournament against each other. Recordings of meeting sessions have also been leaked to the media despite members signing and swearing to an oath of secrecy. But the King Faisal CEO insists the shameful act of confidential leaks at the Ghana FA is not new and that Nyantakyi himself is very much culpable of the offence. �This thing of confidential leaks from the FA is not a novelty, it has been very persistent for sometime now,� he said. �Nyantakyi himself cannot beat his chest to say he has not been involved in it, he cannot be absorbed of it. �When I was disqualified from running against him (Nyantakyi) for the presidency, the news came to the public domain before I even got wind of it just after an Executive Committee meeting.� Odotei also adds the GFA President should rather focus on dealing with the issues rather than lamenting and moaning over them. �I believe it is time for him (Nyantakyi) to show leadership by dealing with the issues rather than coming out to win public sympathy by accusing others. �There are clearly issues to be solved and I expect the FA President to be up and doing, that is what he was elected for afterall.�