Once A Taboo, Now A Fashion

Gone are the days when tattoo were supposed to be the preserve of never-do-wells in society. In fact, unless it was a tribal tattoo, it was unheard of to insert coloured materials underneath one�s skin surface. Although some people still view tattoos as a stigma, it seems to be the craze these days. In recent times, tattoos have become more of a rage. It has become a fashion statement which people feel it adds a zing to their personalities. While some see it as a personal thing which has some emotional significance, others wear tattoos in places that can be seen to make fashion statements just like clothes. Here, some of our celebs who have marked their skins talk about the significance of their tattoos and the experience they went through to get them. According to Van Vicker �I had my tattoo in 2007 and I have never regretted doing it. The tattoo on my shoulder has my name, my wife�s and the initials of my three kids. My tattoo means a lot to me and I don�t really care what people say about it. Since getting a tatto involves the peircing,����� I was aware that tattoo at the arm is usually not painful and throughout the process I never felt any pain, in just about two hours, it was done. On the part of Vicky Zugar, the tattoo she has on her shoulder and thighs doesn�t have any meaning; she just loves tattoos that�s why she decided to do it. She added that, �the comments I get sometimes is not encouraging but I don�t really mind because I love tattoos and it is what makes me happy��. Vicky revealed that she had it a year ago and no one pushed her into doing it, �� I just love it and did it. However, at a point I nearly gave up because I couldn�t bear the pain but for the love I have for it, I stomached it all. The one on my arm was not that painful but that on my thighs hurt badly�, she added. Just like Vicker, Praye Tenten has no regrets for the tattoos he has on his arm and tummy for close to 3 years. He disclosed he has no regrets because he comes from a royal family hence the tattoo he has. �I have a lion wearing a crown as my tattoo and I feel so proud of it�� He said. He says he took it cool with the tattoo he has on his arm but the tommy was so painful. � I had made up my mind to do it so no matter how painful it was because I loved it, I stood for it� Praye Tenten added. Although Captain Planet�s two-year-old tattoo has no emotional significance, he seems to love it to bits. He believes it looks good on him. He said ��it looks really nice on me that is why I have it there��. Actress Lucky Lawson also has her name inked on her arm and her son Jason�s name at the back of her neck. She�s had the two for the past 11 years and has no regrets because people admire them and tell her they are nice and neat.