Actress Condemns Movie Makers In Ghana

Just as many industrial players have started complaining about the plodding fall of the movie industry, most of the movie stars who took a French leave are also coming back into the scene with the hope that their coming back will help raise the industry. Not too Long ago Adjetey Anan and Kafui Danku announced their coming back into the movie industry after going out of the country for individual personal businesses. This time around Soraya Mensah who went out of the scenes after picking up a special Award in the Fashion and Life Achievements Awards through the movie title scorned has announced a comeback into the scene after being spotted at Venus Films office this month. In a chat with Soraya, she revealed to the media that she went out of the scenes for many reasons, but she is back due to the calls she is getting from her fans. “Many of my fans will bear with me that even at the time of my pregnancy; I tried my best to accept some scripts. It got to a point that I had to break for some time since I had many loads on me” she added When we asked her what she thinks about the movie industry, she revealed that although many people are blaming the gradual collapse of the industry on the type of stories our producers are telling for their films, she thinks the industry not having lots of stars is also another factor the industrial players have to look at. She added that with the experience she has gained in the industry , she will advice that film producers should try and give upcoming movie stars enough motivation, by giving them their script in time,” they should not be frustrating them in any way so the job can be so easy for them “ she noted Explaining what she meant by frustrating, she stated that most of the time when the film producers are casting, they don’t consider the upcoming ones and by so doing they don’t give them enough time to practice their script in any way. “When you go to Hollywood, based on the majority of African film makers who want to reach in their movie career, they really have time to train upcoming movie stars and even to the extent of training the professionals also, there are lots of stars in Hollywood who didn’t play any major role but were able to get to the peak in their career because lots of time went into shooting their scenes “she lamented “so to me personally , I think for us to make more stars we need to first consider giving the upcoming ones good opportunity , being it minor or major role and lots of time should go into shooting their scenes” she suggested