Charter House Pleads For Tickets Hoarding Solution

The prices of tickets for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is not yet out but Flex newspaper is gathering snippets of information in town that has it that hoarding of the tickets will be the order of the day as we have witnessed in previous editions of the prestigious event. These and some other pertinent issues were on the mind of Flex newspaper reporters so we directed our arsenal for response from Juno Abena Turkson Media Relations officer for Charter house and she provided these answers. �Issues on tickets for this year`s GMA is not ready as we speak but I hope by the close of this week, it will be made clear for all to know� her response on issues with regards to ticketing and how much they will be sold. Some people on the streets of Accra always have the feeling that when it comes to the nominee jam, they are always left behind without having the interaction with nominees people in Takoradi and Kumasi enjoy. Again, Juno Abena Turkson had answers for that question too. �We should all agree that the whole event happens here in Accra including the main event, industrial awards and the rest. That notwithstanding, we have always made sure that the final event gets a live broadcast for the ordinary people who cannot make it to the main event to have a share of the experience. We are sure to have GTV and Ghone to cover this year`s event live as well plus all things being equal, another television station might join in the coverage. This is why we don't play open jam in Accra but we do that in the night clubs�. The people in Kumasi and Takoradi also enjoy the same live coverage like those in Accra so clearly, that did not go down well with the interviewer though. Somebody can make money here so please read carefully between the lines. The issue of hoarding of tickets is one that seems to be a headache for the guys at Charter House because they seem not to be having any solution as much as it is concerned. We asked Juno and this was his response: �You know there is little we can do about that one. We have our official sales point at some selected joints in Accra and one is sure to have a ticket at our normal price upon release. It is the general public that should be accused in this situation. We are ready to welcome any suggestion from anybody who has a solution to overcome this menace. Please put it out and let`s see what comes out of it. We will be grateful for suggestions from the general public to curb hoarding of tickets in this year`s GMA�. If you have any better solution to curb the hoarding of tickets in this year`s GMA, contact the office of Flex newspaper and you will make good money for yourself.