The executives and members of the National Association Of Ghana Music Producers (NASGAMP), which is made up of music producers, composers, performers and distributors have distanced themselves from the Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI)�s decision to give the GHAMRO interim board three months to hold congress and hand over to a substantive board. According NASGAMP members, after a critical analysis of GAPI�s statement, �we members of NASGAMP do not see the need to be part of that statement since the reasons given are baseless�. In a statement issued in Accra yesterday, NASGAMP noted that it could not be part of the GAPI statement because GHAMRO board was being governed by an adopted constitution, adding, �in the transitional provisions in the Constitution, the GHAMRO Interim Board shall operate for a period not exceeding two(2) years to ensure proper systems and structures are put in place before organising a congress to elect a substantive board. This was agreed to by all stakeholders on the fourteen (14) member board including GAPI.� In view of this, NASGAMP suggested that those who were agitating for an early congress against what GHAMRO�s Constitution noted, should call for constitutional review instead of fight a losing battle. The statement condemned GAPI, which has only one representative on the GHAMRO board, for giving the board a three-month ultimatum to organize elections to elect a substantive board to manage the affairs of GHAMRO. The statement, which described GAPI�s attitude as highly disrespectful to other music stakeholders in the music industry and individuals, warned GAPI to desist from acts that sought to undermine the progress of the music industry in Ghana. �We the members of NASGAMP have very strong confidence in the GHAMRO board which has a fair representation of all the ten (10) major industry associations in Ghana�s Music industry and operates transparently according to democratic principles. We the members of NASGAMP admonish that the organizers of the so-called stakeholders forum should channel their sweat and resources to something more productive that will enhance the beauty of the Ghana music industry, and stop calling for an early congress and also stop the unnecessary criticism, since that is not the solution to the numerous challenges confronting the Ghana Music industry. All that we are saying is that we support what the GHAMRO Constitution says, which gives the interim board a two (2) year mandate. NASGAMP believes this all-inclusive board united in diversity offers the industry its greatest opportunity to bring prosperity to players in Ghana�s Music industry, and call on all music right holders to give it maximum support,� the statement stated.