Two Partners To Distribute 500,000 Australian-Made Solar Lights In Rural Ghana

Rural communities in Ghana will soon receive about 500,000 Australian-engineered solar lights in the next three years after two partners agreed to do the distribution. The agreement was signed between illumination, designer of the world’s most affordable solar light, the Mandarin Ultra, and the Greener Impact International, a non-governmental organization whose main focus is eliminating extreme poverty and hunger. “Over the next three years, the partners aim to distribute over 500,000 lights throughout rural Ghana,” said illumination who announced the agreement in a statement April 5, 2012. The agreement grants exclusive rights to Greener Impact International to market the Australian-engineered solar light, according to the statement. Costing less than six week’s worth of kerosene, illumination said the Mandarin Ultra brings solar energy to those earning less than a dollar a day. The light provides six hours of safe, clean light that is four times brighter than a kerosene lamp and illumination will maintain the affordable price as they create carbon credits from each light sold.