Access Bank MD Speaks On Absorption Of IBG Staff

Access Bank (Ghana) Limited has successfully absorbed about 90% of “IBG” employees and is now ready to accelerate its growth strategy with the aim of becoming one of the top 5 banks in Ghana. According to Mr. Dolapo Ogundimu, Managing Director of Access Bank Ghana, over 400 out of the total 448 employees of “IBG” have successfully boarded the Access train. These employees, he said, have been offered the right opportunities and environment to excel at all levels in the bank. He noted that “there are enough jobs for everyone and therefore does not see the need to terminate anybody’s employment. Access Bank has in the course of the entire process been keen to ensure that no employee of “IBG” is worse off as a result of the merger”. Mr. Ogundimu further clarified that severance packages are only paid to workers whose employment have been terminated or who suffer diminution as a result of a merger. However, in this case, the Bank did not severe any worker’s employment neither has there been any diminution in terms of employment, therefore the issue of severance doesn’t not arise. He also reiterated that a few staff willingly chose to opt out of the absorption exercise and thus had through their action resigned from the Bank. Access Bank has taken care to ensure that all aspects of its integration processes are fair, objective and transparent. The Bank worked closely with Accenture, during the integration of the banks, including systems, products and workforce, in line with international best practice. The Bank remains committed to working with the Labour Commission and all other relevant bodies to address any residual issues arising from the merger including the petition to the National Labour Commission (NLC) for severance pay. Last week, the Bank finalized its Information Technology and System integration processes. Customers of “IBG” have now been migrated onto the Access Bank platform with new account numbers with the guarantee of superior world-class services and technology driven banking solutions. The Access Bank merger creates a formidable Ghanaian financial institution ranked amongst the top 7 in the banking industry by most metrics. With over 39 branch offices and 43 ATMs spread across the country, Access Bank Ghana is leveraging its geographical network to showcase its expertise in Trade Finance and Treasury services.