Facebook Users In Ghana Hit 1.1 Million � Report

The facebook subscription for Ghana as at 31 March 2012 was 1,146,560, representing 4.6 per cent penetration rate, according to the 2011 Internet World Statistic Report. Statistic indicated that as at December 2011, the Ghanaian internet users were 2,085,501 representing 8.4 per cent of the population. Africa came fifth in the facebook subscription growth rating between 31 March 2011 and 31 March 2012 with a total population of 40,205,580 representing 3.9 penetration rates. For the subscriber growth of the various continents, Europe came first with 232, 855,740, followed by Asia 195,034,380, North America 173,284,940, South America 112,531,100, Central America 41,332,940 and Middle East 20,247,900. Facebook subscriptions of some of the African countries were as follows: Equatorial Guinea subscription is 18,180 representing 2.7 penetration rates, Nigeria, 4,369,740 representing 2.8 per cent and South Africa, 4,822,820 representing 9.8 per cent penetration rate. The rest are Egypt,391,580 representing 11.4 per cent of the penetration rate and Ethiopia, 472,460 representing 0.5 per cent penetration rates. Gabon facebook users are 91,200 representing 5.8 per cent penetration rate, The Gambia 4,840 of 4.2 per cent penetration rate and Kenya 1,298,560 representing 3.2 per cent of the penetration rate. Facebook is a social networking service and website was launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook Incorporated.