Gyedu Blay Ambolley Warn Politicians

The king of Simigwadu music, Gyedu Blay Ambuley has sounded a strong note of warning to politicians from all sides of the political divide that if they did not get their act right in this year�s elections Ghanaians would drive them all out, take over the country and move it forward. He told Adom News the manner in which some politicians stimulated tribal sentiments, insulted each other and instigate violence was unacceptable, adding that Ghanaians had outgrown that kind of infantile behavior. �We have had enough of that � this country must move forward � if the politicians don�t get their act right in this election we will drive them all out and move Ghana forward if we have to,� he said. His statement came in the wake of recent incidents of politicians fomenting tribal sentiments, political insults and electoral violence ahead of the general elections in December this year. Ambolley, who is also a Glo Ghana Ambassador noted that politicians were supposed to be intelligent people who knew how to lead Ghanaians to celebrate their diversity and marshal the different energies across the various ethnic groups to move the country forward, but it seemed they were rather using it to divide the country for their selfish purposes. He said it did not matter which ethnic group one came from; Ga, Akan, Ewe, Hausa, Dagomba or what-have-you, �we all depart this country and return through only one airport, so that should remind us that we are one no matter what the politicians say,� he said. Ambolley said Ghanaians were tired of the accusations and counter accusations among politicians all day on radio stations, saying that the blame game should stop because Ghanaians were too intelligent for that. Some of the other Glo Ghana Ambassadors also expressed concern about the way politicians kept promoting sentiments that could mar the forthcoming elections. Hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone noted that God had blessed Ghana with gold, cocoa, oil and many more but nothing in Ghana was more important that the people of Ghana, who he described as the treasure of the country. He said Ghana was not going to the go on CNN because of electoral violence and post-election genocide due to the selfish cravings of some greedy politicians, but �Ghana will be popular on CNN through hip-life.� Efya said she loved living in Ghana and nowhere else and would love to continue living here and making good music that could be identified with Ghana so the politicians needed to stop their selfish crave and control themselves as the election drew near. Asem, who is also a trained media practitioner, was worried about the way the media kept giving millage to the intemperate political sound bites by playing them repetitively after they have been made. He therefore called on his colleagues in the media to avoid the foul-mouthed politicians in the interest of the country. Kwabena Kwabena reminded Ghanaian politicians to be statesmen, who would think about building this country to be a better place for children yet to be born in the next 50 years and stop seeking their most present selfish interests. Sharifa Gunu urged the youth particularly, to limit their support for politicians to voting for them and not to sacrifice their lives for politicians who often kept their families out of harm�s way, while endangering the lives of other young people for their selfish wants. �The is nothing unwise than to see death and run into it particularly for people who use you as a shield � I will not do that and I expect the youth of this country not to do that either,� she said. Tinny simply called on all to allow brotherliness, unity and peace to prevail before, during and after the elections, while Irene Logan said she believed Ghanaians were beautiful and peaceful and they would remain just that no matter what politicians did.