PHOTO: Bright Of Buk Bak Fame & Amanda Run Over Secret Love Affair

Bright of Buk Bak fame has refused to confirm or deny rumours linking him with Amanda Jissih, presenter of GH One�s Entertainment programme, E-Talk. Efforts to get him to comment proved futile when he told News-One, �rumours are rumours, and people should keep talking.� He refused to answer further questions put to him. Amanda would also not talk about the rumours. Bright was one of the top musicians who graced the launching of empire Entertainment�s Ghana Meets Naija concert. After the show, News-One correspondent approached him to find out the truth about the rumour but upon hearing the topic, Bright�s posture changed. He was not ready for further questions. It is very difficult to conclude what relationship the two are enjoying but Amanda is known for her good relationship with most musicians including Nigerian stars. She has played an influential role in Buk Bak�s return after what was described as a long hiatus. She was seen with the group several times directing its media plans when the group released its �kolom hit song. But it is unclear why people are linking Amanda to Bright.