Bow Wow And Keri Hilson Rate Ghana Number 1

The much-talked about �Stand Up GH� concert featuring American R&B singer Keri Hilson and rapper Bow Wow saw some exciting highlights from the headlining acts on Saturday. Bow Wow stunned the crowd with an energetic stage performance that left fans screaming for more. It was clear that it wasn�t just the fans that were happy to see the rapper; Bow Wow seemed happy to be in Ghana and Africa as he interacted now and then with the crowd telling them about how excited he was to be in Ghana and the overwhelming feeling of support from his fans in Ghana. He said it was a poor excuse for most American artist to refuse to come to Africa simply because of the distance. The rapper seemed pleasantly surprised when the lovely young lady he pulled from the crowd onto the stage to perform his hit �Shortie Like Mine� to, ended up rapping each line in the song. Bow Wow handed the lady his microphone for her rap a few lines. After the performance, the rapper commented �wow she knew every single word��