I am A True African Woman - Sulley Muntari's Wife

Printex Limited has outdoored Menaye Donkor, a former Miss Universe Ghana as face of Printex 2012. Menaye Donkor, who is married to Black Star and AC Milan mid-fielder, Sulley Muntari is set to take Printex�s new range, Arete and Xclusive to a whole new level. Her endorsement as the new face of Printex was announced on Xfm 95.1 when she was hosted by Chester Annie, the public relations consultant for Printex Limited. Chester Annie had explained earlier that the choice of Menaye �is due to several factors which include her beauty, poise, charm, intellect, and passion�, adding, �above all she is a true and pure Ghanaian- Fanti and Ashanti�. Menaye who expressed her excitement at being named the new face of Printex said Printex has always been a part of her and that she is looking forward to an exciting experience. �I�m very excited to be a part of the Printex family. It is something that I�m looking forward to. I grew up knowing Printex. My grandma wore Printex and my mum still wears Printex. And it is such a fabric with class. And so it is an exciting experience to be a part of�. �Printex is a fabric that really understands the African woman; it defines the true African woman. I�ll not choose just any fabric to represent, but Printex; because it represents the true African woman�. Menaye, light skinned, insists being African has nothing to do with one�s colour and that such �ignorant comments�, though disappointing, do not affect what she does. �It�s very disappointing that in this day and age, you still here ignorant comments about me not being true African�. �I have a very strong family support base; and things like these do not really affect who I am. I am a true African woman, raised in Ghana by amazing Ghanaian parents�. �I have true African values instilled in me and this has helped shape who I am today�. Asked what she loves about Printex�s new additions, Menaye said, �I love them both; xclusive and arete for many reasons. I like the colours and the blend. Oheneba for instance is very colourful. A lot of women can relate to it. You feel good when you have it on�. Menaye also heads the Menaye Charity Foundation, the Menaye International School, and supports other orphanages and charitable causes to help children affected with HIV or AIDS. A comprehensive promotional tour has been prepared for the new range to take a vibrant leap into the fabric, fashion and design industry. Menaye Donkor is set to define elegance, because Printex insists that all their clients must be made to feel �you�re worth it�.