Naa Ashokor: �Stuck Up� As A Child & �Too Known� As A Teenager

It is not easy doing a lot and having a lot going for you in Africa at the age of 24. Perhaps it justifies the assertion that women must be seen and not heard. Contrary to the norm of a lady not telling her age, the beautiful unassuming Naa Ashorkor says it with a whiff and still be good at what she does which is the most important. �As a baby I was told I was sweet and cute,� she said gleefully, �but as an adult I was said to be �too known�.� She was all about beauty with brains, educating and empowering women to exude such confidence while taking control of their lives when she stopped by the Yellow House to meet the Girls. Naa Ashorkor, a second of three girls, hails from Teshie Tsui Bleoo. For a girl growing up not liking boys it was not surprising she described her childhood as a �stuck up� one. �My parents were strict and we only did school, church, home. I did a lot of TV and reading since there was not much going out.� Apart from the few friends from school and church Naa didn�t have many friends as a kid. Asked whether that made her angry of her parents, she smilingly said she knew they wanted the best for her, �they wanted us to grow up and be independent, behave ourselves and act as ladies.� For a lady who didn�t talk much to boys in Junior High School, it was a race against reality when she was �dumped� at Benkum Secondary in Larteh Akuapim. As a coed school she was forced to open up. Her eyes lit up as she talked about the now beautiful experience she won�t give the world for, �the weeding and carrying water on our head has helped me a lot.� Today she washes her own car as well as her father and can change her own car tyres among many other unconventional women stuff. That lesson to be very streetwise is what Naa will always be grateful for. The lady, who worships at Church of Pentecost, believes maturity only comes with responsible for her and that she hasn�t changed from the principles her parents taught her growing up. Just for the record she stated categorically her heartbreak with her first love at age 20; a boy she fell in love with during her days at Ghana Institute of Journalism. It didn�t work out because he travelled to sojourn in the UK and the relationship became a virtual one on facebook. For a show that�s becoming more revealing by the week, �Meet the Girls in the Yellow House�, it keeps getting personalities to open up and be real about the truth about their lives. The gifted actress was smooth-talked into talking about her current relationship. She said admitted going out with a guy who has given her a lot in terms of showing her love, understanding, supporting and appreciating her. �We have known each other for four years and I can now say we are compatible on many fronts,� she boldly told the Girls with a spark in her eyes. For a lady who likes to watch tv series and comedies when she gets depressed she tells viewers to watch out for her surprises this before the year end. Ok so that got us all thinking because we know what she can deliver on set.