VIDEO: Roki And Maneta's Fight In The Big Brother Stargame

The video footage of what really transpired between the two Zimbabwean housemates Maneta and Roki in the ongoing Big Brother Stargame, that led to their disqualification, has finally been released. They were disqualified after the two contravened the violence rule poured liquid on each other, after the two got confrontational, resulting in Maneta pouring bleach into Roki�s eyes. Big Brother Rules state that violence in the House is strictly prohibited. Violence can refer to self-inflicted violence, or violence towards another. Violence includes provocation, goading, bullying and victimisation. Big Brother, and its Producers, reserves the right to disqualify any Housemates whose actions are in direct contravention of the House Rules. The disqualification of the two Zimbabwean Housemates comes shortly after Zainab and DKB were also disqualified from the show after DKB slapped Zainab. Watch the video below: