Ama Benyiwa Movie Out

A POPULAR FILM producer in Kumasi is in hot waters, as his latest hit movie, �Ama Benyiwaa�, has been misconstrued by a section of the public as an attempt to tarnish the image of the Central Regional Minister, Ama Benyiwa Doe. Paul Adjei, Executive Producer of Paulgee Movie Productions, expressed worry over the wrong picture being painted about the film and his motive for giving it that title, disclosing that he had not known peace since releasing the film. A dejected-looking Adjei aka �Paulgee� told DAILY GUIDE that he had no evil intentions against Hon. Benyiwa Doe, whom he referred to as a mother, adding that nobody should try to drive a wedge between him and the Central Regional Minister. The top film producer said ever since he released the movie in May this year, people from all walks of life including his colleague film producers, notably, from the Central Region, had been calling to ask why he was trying to tarnish the image of Madam Benyiwa Doe with his movie. The hit movie, which is in parts one to four, had top movie icons such as award-winning actor Kofi Adu aka �Agya Koo, Emelia Brobbey, and Akua Attaa Kyeiwaa featuring in it. In the movie, �Ama Benyiwaa�, played by actress Emelia Brobbey, was disrespectful to all manner of persons including chiefs, and also practised witchcraft. Ama Benyiwaa (Emelia Brobbey), through some spiritual powers, managed to change her face to that of her best friend�s Vivian Gil, who was known as �Naomi� in the movie, to engage in bad practices, including prostitution and consumption of large volumes of alcohol. Because Ama Benyiwaa did all those bad things with the face of Naomi, the latter, who was a decent girl and very respectful, was constantly blamed wrongly by the people of the community in which they lived. At the latter stages of the movie, Ama Benyiwa�s evil deeds eventually came to light following the intervention of some pastors. The producer insisted that the storyline of the film was good, as it portrayed a real life issue about how some people tarnished the image of others with their bad deeds. He explained that the character in the movie was called just �Ama Benyiwa�, so nobody should try to change the name to �Ama Benyiwa Doe� in order to incur the anger of the minister. Paulgee said he had not met Hon. Benyiwa Doe in person before, stressing that the Central Regional Minister was one of the politicians he adored and respected so much, �therefore I will never do anything to tarnish her reputation�. Though he had not received any life-threatening calls from anybody yet, the top film producer disclosed that he had received more than 1,000 calls on his mobile phone over the movie.