PHOTO: A Plus Grabs Lady Between His Legs

A rather interesting photograph of musician and political satirist A-Plus in a compromising position with an unnamed lady is generating some heat. The said photograph, which NEWS-ONE has sighted, captured A-Plus wearing a pair of boxers and singlet with a (not slim) lady lying in between his thighs. The photograph also shows a pair of trousers hanging nearby. It is not clear the circumstances under which the picture was taken and what the two might have done or were about to do. What is clear is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Checks showed the lady between A-Plus� thighs is called Afi and the two are known to be friends. Nothing suggests they are more than �just friends�. Discussions about the picture have centered on the fact that the lady is light-skinned and A-Plus is on record to have confessed that he has a thing for light-skinned women. A-Plus made the revelation in an attempt to deny reports that he was dating Anita Owusu of Metro TV. �People know that I like fair girls and the icing on the cake is when the person works in the bank� I keep telling people; Anita Owusu is my good friend. Me, I will have many children so if I have a child with Anita Owusu, I will go and take the child. �Family planning means when you give birth to the number of children you can take care of. If you have hundred children and you can take care of them, that is family planning. But if you have one child and you can�t take care of the child, you�ve not done family planning.� �Secondly, Anita Owusu and me don�t have a baby (sic). We were just good friends. Perhaps, people are saying this because they know that I like fair girls and the icing on the cake is when the person works in the bank,� he said on eTV�s Late Night Celebrity Show. The lady with A-Plus� in the picture is light-skinned but the paper could not confirm if she is a banker. That could have made it very easy to say there was something amorous going on. Currently, A-Plus is not in town for his comments on the picture.