DKB & Zainab To Put Up A Surprise Package For Ghana

After eviction from the ongoing Big Brother Africa Stargame on grounds of violence, Ghana�s former representative DKB has hinted on a surprise package being put together by himself and her female �partner in crime� Zainab for Ghana in particular and Africa at large to clear the doubts in the minds of people who still believe there exists a rift between them. Speaking to NY DJ of Kapital Radio exclusively on Homestretch after the release of his apology song, would not go into details of the surprise package despite persuasion by the host. He humorously said, �Why would it be a surprise if I have to tell you?� He has therefore asked the Ghanaian populace and the world to accept his apology as he has put everything in his song which has so far received over 15,000 downloads. He says �Those who think it�s a joke, it�s not a joke. It�s a serious song, it�s from my heart. I didn�t do the song for people to dance Azonto to it but to nod their head to it and get the message and the message is anti gender violence�.