Big Brother StarGame: Roki Gives Public Apology

ROCKFORD "Roki" Josphats has apologised to the nation for being disqualified from the Big Brother Stargame following a brawl with his compatriot Maneta Mazanhi. He told a Press conference in Harare yesterday that he was sorry for his poor conduct. "I am sorry to every Zimbabwean. After the misbehaviour, I just think I don't deserve all this warm welcome. I am very humbled by the support even after I am out of the game. What hurts me is that I could have done more." Roki shouldered the blame for the disqualification. "I am the one who caused all the drama by pouring water on Maneta, I just want to say sorry to her. Her behaviour in the Big Brother house was justified because it was impossible for her to be herself in front of cameras. She wouldn't have acted that way if it was a normal situation. "That place makes a person crazy. You are like a puppet that is controlled," he said. Zimbabwe Youth Council chairman Acie Lumumba said the most important thing was how Roki was going to move forward with his life. "Let's not cry over spilt milk. It has happened and we cannot do anything about it. We want to forgive Roki because he was a true ambassador of the country."