The Greedy Incompetents Still Rule OK in the NDC?

When Providence gave the National Democratic Congress (NDC) an eleventh-hour reprieve, the same self-seekers who used President Mills so ruthlessly, yet again put collective self-interest, above that of their party's long-term survival. Johnson Asiedu-Nketia's body-language was just so revealing, when he announced that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NDC, had decided to endorse President Mahama as the party's candidate at an emergency national delegates congress, for the December presidential election. His body language spoke volumes. The man who in any society underpinned by an ethical ethos would have been forced to resign his position - when it came to light that he, a board member, was supplying concrete blocks to the entity whose supervisory board he sat on - was so eager to maintain the chop-chop status quo that he forgot that he was actually mourning Ghana's fallen leader, President Mills. Perhaps Asiedu-Nketia & Co. thought they were being terribly clever by taking advantage of the cessation of hostilities in the propaganda war between the NDC and NPP, occasioned by President Mills' demise, to avoid controversy erupting over their Machiavellian ploy. (Well, since I am not beholden to any political party - because unlike so many others in the Ghanaian media, I refuse to sell my conscience at any price - I shall speak my mind freely in this matter, and at this point in time, regardless. Public opprobrium in a nation full of spineless fence-sitting hypocrites is like water off a ducks back to me. But I digress - so back to topic, dear reader.) It is a grave error of judgement that Johnson Asiedu-Nketia's hard-of-hearing faction-of-greed in their confounded party will come to rue on election day. As sure as day follows night. Someone with a conscience in the NDC, ought to go to court immediately to stop this Soviet-style cover-of-the-night tactic, designed to prevent a democratic choice being made, in selecting a replacement for President Mills, as the party's presidential candidate. With respect, President Mahama is not a suitable choice. If truth be told, with all his baggage, he will be an even easier target for the NPP's elite propaganda special force's blunderbuss weapon of mass destruction. The shameful attempt by those who ruthlessly exploited President Mills, to do same with the new president, will guarantee defeat for their party in the upcoming December presidential election. The NDC's powerful rogues have seen an opportunity to continue keeping the lid firmly on the corruption and abuse of power, which they got away with under a sick and dying man they refused to release from their vice-like grip - till death laid its icy hands on him: and finally freed him. Their latest self-interest-manipulation will enable them remain super-wealthy Godfathers for only a few more months, at best. With respect, foisting President Mahama on the NDC as the party's presidential candidate, is the height of foolishness. It will only enable the opposition New Patriotic Party to maintain its vote-winning narrative of ridding our country of a corrupt regime dominated by "greedy bastards" busy milking Mother Ghana dry. Having secured a replacement marionette, alas, the greedy incompetents still rule OK in the NDC. Pity. Tel: 027 745 3109. Email: