Dancehall Music Needs Investors � Linguakat

Born Kwaku Obeng Amoako, Linguakat, writer of Kaakie�s hit songs �Too much,� �Top gyal� and her latest �DC tun up� has finally seen the limelight after fifteen years of heavily contributing to the dancehall aspect of music in Ghana with his own tracks �Party tym� featuring Kay Dizzle and �Dancehall groove Kaakie. The knowledge of writing songs he said began a year ago when Jah Master Jay (JMJ) wanted to expose Kaakie to the music scene, �basically, writing songs is not something I have been doing for long instead it was JMJ who brought the whole idea that since I have the dancehall feel in me, he sees me to be the right person to help and coach her with my lyrics and that has been it.� In an interview, Linguakat noted that dancehall in GH is nothing new just that there has been less attention given to it. He said dancehall is developing and Ghanaians are embracing it but �seriously, it only needs investors to make this genre come to stay and impose its great impact on society.� He further indicated that the industry is so keen that there are no record labels to help unveil the great works of upcoming artistes in the dancehall realm as pertains in the music industry, �if you don�t belong to a particular group of people, no matter how good you are, your song will never see light since it�s all based on your finances to become a star in Ghana.� Above all these challenges, he assured �undoubtedly, dancehall music has a future in Ghana although it is noted as a Jamaican music genre, with musicians like Samini, Bandana, Stonebwoy, Kaakie, Jupiter, including myself among others who sing it the African way by blending the local dialect and the Pathoa language in our songs.� He has worked in the studios of High Grade Family, Asasease Records, Nana King Records and Jah Master Jay (JMJ) and is currently under the management of Drumbeat Entertainment.