Why Does Sarkodie Have �Issues�?

Ghana�s fastest rapper Sarkodie has confirmed in his hit single titled �ISSUES� featuring Mohammed, that the late Professor John Evan Atta Mills local mantra �Adie wofia eye�, is useless because now what the people of this country need is to be able to find food on their table. A big source from the entertainment industry have told the Daily Searchlight Newspaper that the intention of the music was to expose what this present government is doing with our money. The lyricist said in his lines that �this year is an election year and we should make sure peace prevail but if you are an NPP supporter don�t worry because in Nana Akufo Addo�s, administration he will abolish school fees and NPP Supporters should desist from politics of insult and not dare Tobgui�. The song continues to say that present government and their Ministers are saying they have eradicated schools under trees but if they want they should go to Sogakofe and even Ada, where little children do not have mats to sleep on and what they know is using our money to buy bread and cheese. According to our source the song has received massive airplay both in Ghana and outside the country because of the lyrics and the condemnation of the NDC government for not thinking about Ghanaians. More so, Sarkodie said in his lines that even whenever he wants to buy something under this government unless he has played four shows before he can buy something which should not be so. Daily Searchlight Newspaper has learnt from a source that some big gurus within NDC went to him to compose a campaign song for the late president during this coming election but the artist refused because he has no interest in the present government and thinks that Nana Akufo Addo and Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia administration will be the only team which can help the country bounce back for its citizenry. �But for the records, we have to expose the propaganda now�, he said. According to our source Sarkodie have been heard saying it is difficult for the NDC to �point to solid accomplishments in three and half years�. The single question then is, if the accomplishments are so easy to see, why is the NDC trying so hard to point them out to us?