Lil Wayne And Kwaku Manu At War?

Call it a rumor mill or whatever, but information reaching the media by one top Kumasi-based movie producer and director has it that movie producers in Kumasi are trying to sabotage Kwaku Manu just like they tried doing to Agya Koo. The reason adduced for the supposed sabotage is that Kwaku Manu has been involved in money issues with one particular movie producer by name Paul Gee. In a separate interview with Kwaku Manu on the issue, he stated that he doesn’t have any problem with Paul Gee or any other Kumasi producer. “If you are a fan of Paul Gee’s movies you will realize he always uses Agya Koo for his movies, so the fact that I am not working with him doesn’t mean we have problems. Also anyone who says producers are not employing me just doesn’t know what he or she is talking about because I have lots of jobs on my desk”, he said. He added that, he has also heard people spreading rumors that his fee has decreased, but rather thought it was a figment of their imagination. “If I want to increase my fee today, I will but you need to look at the system you are in, to price the producers according to what they can pay. You don’t have to price them an amount because your colleagues are pricing huge amount”, he added. Talking about his relationship with Lil Wayne, he responded that they are very good pals and his impact as an artiste helped Lil Wayne to reach where he is now, “I believe in competition and we are having more new faces in the movie industry so the industry can get more attention. My collaboration with Lil Wayne has resulted in getting more jobs for him. So if anyone says that the existence of Lil Wayne is the reason why I am not getting jobs, it’s a big lie” he concluded. Watch the two in a movie below: