I am Not Interested In Politics - Kufuor's Son

Son of Ghana’s former President John Kufour, Edward Agyekum Kufour, has said his entry into Ghana’s movie industry is to satisfy a passion and that he actually enjoys being an actor than a politician or being in politic. When NEWS-ONE first broke the news in July that one of Kufour’s sons had joined the Ghana movie fraternity, the paper came under a verbal attack from persons who doubted the report. In a clear vindication of the paper, Edward Agyekum Kufour has confirmed the report and spoke to NEWS-ONE in an exclusive. “Right now I am not interested in politics. I am as far removed from politics as I can be at this moment. But it can change in the future. Change is part of life. If in the future I decide to go into politics, my presence here as actor may very well help me but that’s not what I am doing. My view now is that I am passionate about acting and I have the chance to do it,” he told NEWS-ONE. The eloquent and soft-spoken gentleman spoke to the paper last Monday after a press preview of his first movie ‘Wrong Target’. He revealed that acting was his childhood dream and would not trade that passion for politics simply because he was from a family of politicians. Edward said all through his childhood and years growing up, he had shelved his dream of becoming an actor because his parents insisted he should make education his highest priority before following his other passions. He expressed the hope that he would contribute his quota to the industry in various ways. “The skill of acting is what should be at the forefront in terms of what I’m bringing to the industry. But I do this out of passion. Number two, if my presence here will bring some attention to the industry for the reason that I am the former president’s son, then it is not bad. It is good for the film industry. But like said, I didn’t choose to be born into my family. It was by the design of God. So if my presence here brings attention to the industry then its better. Right now I am not interested in politics,” he emphasized. Wrong Target In his new movie, Edward stars alongside industry giants Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo. From the stables of Blue Ray Pictures, ‘Wrong Target’ will be premiering at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra soon. The movie is a conflict-woven tale where Kofi Aggrey (John Dumelo) proves that in spite of his seeming wimpy personality as a software developer, he can quickly trade his business suits for a Rambo-like demeanor that dwarfs the mean spirits of the two competing gangs in the movie. The storyline of ‘Wrong Target’, according to John Dumelo, involved “50 percent of what we are doing, and 50 percent of what we are yet to do.” Supporting Actress Crystabel Ekeh (Rose) added that “when you see the story you think you can guess the end, but then when your guess is right, just then your guess is wrong.” Other cast members were equally intrigued. Edward Agyekum Kufuor who played ‘Agyaa’ believed that it was a “welcome departure from the everyday story we see in Ghanaian movies”. Liberian star known for his mean looking characters, Dream Debo (Naked) said, “The twists and the mechanisms placed in the story to make it work are amazing.” Marrie Ganaah, who played gang leader (Suraj) said, “The storyline is so tight, and it is not the normal love love stories that we shoot here in Ghana.” But as intriguing as ‘Wrong Target’s storyline is, perhaps the action movie’s most interesting attribute is the special effects that ace director/editor Samuel Owusu Asare incorporated into the finished product. From the impressive car explosion and a camera tracking of a bullet traveling through the air to hit its target, Blue Ray Pictures’ debut effort promises to carve a niche in the Ghanaian movie industry not yet ventured into.