Praye Tintin Calls Former Group Mates Liars Live On TV

Praye Tintin, a former member of hiplife group Praye, called his former group mates Big Jay (Praye Ho Ne Ho) and Eugene (Praye Tiatia) liars live on TV during Wednesday night’s broadcast of The Rundown on TV Africa. Big Jay and Eugene were on the show to talk about their new single and music video ‘Kwatrikwa’ but when Yaw Sakyi, host of The Rundown asked about the exit of Praye Tintin from the group, the duo insinuated that he left on his own accord. Praye Tintin who was on a previous edition of The Rundown had also made allegations that he left the group because Big Jay and Eugene alienated him from the group. He had alleged that the duo was no longer calling him for radio and TV interviews and they started performing on shows without him. Eugene and Big Jay insisted that Praye Tintin left the group because he wanted to do his own thing. Yaw Sakyi thus called Praye Tintin live on air to give his account on what really happened. Praye Tintin said that the two were lying to Ghanaians and added that whenever he calls them they don’t pick his calls. He said, “Sometimes I will use my friend’s phone to call them and when they pick up and hear my voice, they cut off the call. They are lying on TV and you can even see it on their faces”. Meanwhile the remaining members of Praye said they will move on as a duo and continue with the promotion of their new singles and added that Praye is like the iconic Osibisa group and member can leave and join at any time. Praye Tintin also revealed that he is in the studio recording more materials as a solo artist.