Bro Philemon On A Gospel Mission

Bro Philemon's music delivers the Word of God into your spirit, quenches your thirst in your journey through the desert, 'leads men to worship', bringing them to the tabernacle of the Holiest of Hollies, keeps dancing off your worries, whiles praising God for whatever situation you are in. This can all be experienced when you listen to the sounds of Bro Philemon. Bro. Philemon (Ishmael Philemon Ackon) is a Christian, song writer, singer and composer who was born in Kumasi but currently domiciled in China, however Bro. Philemon resides in Takoradi whenever he is in Ghana His main aim of Being in the Gospel Music Industry is to impact lives with the Word of God and the son Jesus Christ through this soul inspiring music. Bro Philemon who has always been driven with passion in every area of his life; being a husband, a father, performer, song-writer and producer, businessman or CEO of P&D MPC HK CO. LTD (based in Hong Kong) as well as Philemon’s Supply Management SZ Co. Ltd (based in Shenzhen, China). He's as committed today as he is, being the new face in the Ghanaian gospel music industry. Growing up in the Manse, Bro. Philemon had so many influences through church music and had the support of his parents; Mrs. Beatrice Ivy Ackon and the late Rev Emmanuel Eddie E Ackon of the Methodist Church Ghana. Bro. Philemon showed interest in Christian music to help draw people closer to God and inspire lives. His songs enriches the core values of our Christian lives, life without music they say is like a journey through the lonely desert, what more can you ask for listening to music filled with the word of God from Bro. Philemon's M'asan Aba album? The former Saint Johns Secondary School student said he has embarked on a crusade that would make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable young people. The University Of Ghana graduate also holds music certificate from the University of Education, Winneba aside his Bachelor’s degree in fine Arts where he majored in Theater Management. And if Bro Philemon’s new album timely titled '”M'asan Aba” is truly the gateway to Heaven, then the Ghanaian-China-based gospel songbird has struck the right code that could save many a lost soul. Released under the reputable Ai-Phil Muzik GH, Bro Philemon's album is also full of some intriguing collaborations from Morris Babyface, George Spartz, Alexandra, OJ and Senam that make the whole project a resounding music cross-over. But it is not all only these collaborations that make Bro Philemon's album a stunning universal success on the market because even his other songs such as 'Mo Bo Wo Dzin', 'I Am Thirsty', 'Ohen A Oreba' and 'Jesus Wo M'afa'. After listening to his whole album, you will be marveled and raved at Bro Philemon’s duet with Morris Babyface on the 'Mo Bo Wo Dzin' . To Bro Philemon, his family, wife and daughter were not just an inspiration but in his own words “a true all-weather friends whom he shall always live to love and cherish when it comes to his music life”. Having traveled near and far to such countries as the China, Hong Kong, Macau, Egypt, Dubai, Ethiopia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Thailand and Philippines; he desires to embark on a mission to edify the word of God to proclaim Jesus’ humility and sincerity to mankind. In one of his rare press interviews from his base at the Shenzhen, Guangdong in China, where he is a worshiper at the Shekou International Fellowship, Bro Philemon said he hopes to fulfill the scripture of Jesus Christ of that of spreading the Good News to all nations. Bro Philemon maiden album is also heartfelt dedication to his late father who has passed away. Watch Bro Philemon's video below: