Bomaye Cheats For Love

It appears that Alex Biney, the king in the 13-week I�m In Love With Bomaye reality show which recently ended on Real TV, a channel on Multi TV would do anything for love, including cheating to get the woman he loves. Breaking the rules through cheating is what Bomaye has done and has created a credibility problem with viewers and also placed the future of the programme in doubt. A couple of weeks ago when the final of the reality series was held in Accra, Bomaye got his live audience, television viewers and even organisers confused when he settled for evicted Promzy instead of one of the three finalists-Chichi, Favour and Princy as the prized wife. According to Bomaye, he didn�t love any of the three finalists so he had no option than to go in for evicted Promzy although the rules did not say so. �I�ve fallen in love with Promzy because we share common likes�, he told Showbiz. �It�s quite unfortunate public votes didn�t favour Promzy but she was the one my heart went for. I know viewers might be disappointed in me but I had to follow my heart, at that point I didn�t really care about the rules of the show�. Alex explained that he could have made sure Promzy was kept in the final three so that he finally makes his choice but because he wants transparency to prevail, he allowed Promzy to be evicted and went for her later at the grand finale. Alex said none of the three finalists including those evicted could have been a better wife for him than Promzy. About his future plans with Promzy, Alex revealed that he intends marrying Promzy early next year to show that he really truly loves her. Excited Promzy told Showbiz, she will be a good wife to Alex because she truly loves him. � I think both of us will make a good couple because we understand and love each other. In a related development, Access Media Productions , the producers of the I�m in love with Bomaye reality show have issued a statement disassociating itself from the unfortunate drama that unfolded during the Grand Finale of the show. CEO of Access Media Productions, Mabel Germain, said it is rather unfortunate that the �King� Alex Biney failed to abide by the reality shows rules and declared his love for Promzy aka Promise Okasa, the contestant who was evicted that very evening being the contestant with the lowest vote, and dismissed the three finalists who were on stage at the time. �We wish to apologize to the three finalists and wish to hereby state that preparations are underway to compensate the three final maidens. Our apologies also go to our sponsors and our loyal viewers whose votes massively patronised our short code mail box�, Mabel said.