A-Plus Preaches Peace For December 7 Elections

Musician A-Plus has joined well meaning Ghanaians to call for peace before, during and after the elections as he embarks on a peace campaign for the December polls. The controversial songster has previously recorded songs to talk to politicians to do the right things at the right and impart positively on the Ghanaian society. The word on everybody�s lips is �peace� as the country gears up for the December elections. Although Ghanaians has seen five peaceful elections under the 4th republican ��, they are taking no chances with the upcoming elections as many have started calling on the political leaders and political parties to ensure yet another peaceful election come December 7th. The nationwide tour which commences on November 6th and ends on election eve, December 6th is organised by the musician�s bonafide company, Konsule Entertainment in close partnership with some events companies, individuals and corporate Ghana, with the firm believe that together as one united body they can ensure that the �peaceful elections campaign is heard louder than any political campaign�. For some firm believers of the age old adage �coming events cast their shadows before them�, the events that characterised the biometric registration are the most important topical issues we all as Ghanaians should be concerned about going into the elections and ensuring that those event do not rare their ugly heads to mar the enviable peace Ghanaians enjoy. The Peace Campaign song titled �Our Prayer� has been released. According to our source, a video would soon be rolled out to help drive home the peace message well to Ghanaians. He said they are working hard to make the peace campaign louder than any political campaign message. The musician known as Asare Kwame Obeng told GhanaCelebrities.Com that �We will even ask if we can deliver peace messages at rallies before the main activities begin. A day to elections, there will be a halt in political activities and we will hold a huge concert in Accra for free, he added. �My aim is simple� he said. �Is to celebrate Ghana�s beautiful democracy and once again show the world how civilized and peaceful we are. To let investors know that there is no better place to do business in Africa than Ghana.� Ask if he was scared something was going to happen during the elections he said; �We are not doing this because we are scared, we are only reminding everybody that peace can�t be compromised in anyway. You also agree with me that prevention is better than cure� �We want millions of people to sign up to our Group �I support Peace 2012 on facebook and Twitter or follow @aplusghana on Twitter for updates�.