I�m Not Only Good For Romance � Van Vicker

Ace Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has responded squarely to his critics who still doubt his versatility to act all-round, insisting he is simply more than the stereotypical lover-boy they think of him. The light-skinned actor told the press in Accra that, he admits the fact that some people do not like him as an actor and the way he acts. But this, he noted, should not be the yardstick for his critics, particularly in the media, to forever stereotype him as only good for romance and lover-boy roles, �which is a wrong tag I refuse. Don�t put me in that box. �I accept that not all people will like how act, which is also a reason why I named my film production company as Sky Orange Productions, which name is devoid of anything related my name Van Vicker,� he said. Van said this in response to a question posed him at a brief press conference held at the Silverbird Bar in Accra last month, shortly after an exclusive press preview of his latest own-directed film, The Hands of Time. A reporter had questioned the exact message that the storyline sought to convey because it was not too clear and easy to tell from watching the film, to which Van Vicker said he himself would not be able to answer. �This is because the film talks about so many things, so to give it one message will be sort of inappropriate. But if you still want a message, you can say �don�t trust people too much� or something like that,� he explained, adding that, �actually, it is not every film that you�ll watch and get a message. Sometimes, it�s may be about the entertainment value and I think that is one context we can place this film!� The two-part film, recently premiered at the Silverbird Cinema, talks about two sisters, Dantee (Nadia Buari) and Phyll (Phoebe Evwuraye), who got separated when a wealthy man adopted the latter as his only child. The man willed all his estates to the adopted daughter (Phyll) upon his death, including his multinational insurance company. But Kwabena (Kofi Adjorlolo), the covetous husband of Phyll, wanted all the wealth to himself, so he plotted and killed Phyll. Meanwhile, Dantee was gifted to seeing visions and, as a result, was able to determine who killed her sisters. She, therefore, decided to avenge the sister�s death by first marrying Kwabena who knew nothing about Dantee�s relationship with Phyll. The role of Van Vicker in this movie � which he directed himself � is one of a cleaner who, by his exceptional intelligence, was promoted to become the Personal Assistant (PA) to Kwabena. �I don�t always get to become a lover-boy, and this is one such role,� Van Vicker teased, as he called on the public to book their copies when the film is finally released onto the market in the coming weeks.