I Didn�t Sing For NPP � Gospel Singer

Gospel singer Ohene Darko has cleared the air on his new worship song, �Nsesa Beba�. Since the release of the song, comments on social and main stream media both in London and Ghana have suggested that it was politically motivated to support the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in its quest to return to political power. According to Ohene Darko, �Nsesa Beba�, which means change will come, does not necessarily mean change in government. He added however that he would not mind if the NPP used the song for whatever reasons if the party associated itself with the message. He said the song was written to inspire listeners that despite whatever difficulty they were going through, God would change their condition for the better. �Change can come into your life from all spheres. It could be in the form of politics, finance, marriage, health among others. All you have to do is have faith in God and pray for the change. If NPP believes that they are the best government for Ghana and they pray for God to bring about a change in government, the song �Nsesa Beba� is for them.� �There is nothing wrong if a political party adopts my song for their campaign. It won�t make me a politician. �Nsesa Beba� is a message song and anyone can use it to motivate themselves. It wouldn�t be the first time that a song is adopted for a political campaign but I didn�t do the song purposely for that,� he stated. Ohene Darko is a UK-based Ghanaian gospel singer. He released his fourth album titled �Nsesa Beba� in the UK and he is currently in Ghana promoting the single and album. The album features songs that the singer believes would inspire change in the children of God, and minister the message of hope for those who wait on the Lord. With three albums already under his belt, the worship singer from Akim Chia started singing at the age of six during Church of Pentecost programmes and conventions. He grew up in Ghana and later moved to France to join his father in 1998; and later moved to the UK in 2006. Although the singer has been doing all kinds of gospel music, he is drawn to worship songs and his song ministrations have been felt across Europe, as he has performed in countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, Greece, Italy and Norway. �Nsesa Beba� is currently enjoying airplay on television and radio across Ghana. Oheme Darko says he believes his message driven songs will continue to uplift listeners and urged Christian families across Ghana to get a copy for the home. �My music is a talent and the Holy Spirit directs me. I write my own songs, and that inspires me to sing new songs to the glory of God. And by the grace of God, my music has inspired many souls and many people have been blessed through my ministrations.�