Yvonne Nelson: Most of My People in Ghana Are Kiss-Ass Artistes

Yvonne Nelson, the leggy Ghanaian actress expressed her disappointment recently with the way things are done in the Ghana industry. She virtually expressed that actors and actresses in Ghollywood are boot-lickers who do not know what they want. In her own sentiments she said; �like I said on Peace FM recently, everybody talks about discipline but then some producers always try to take advantage of artistes. Most of my people in Ghana are kiss-ass artistes. They can�t voice out because they know producers might not call them for jobs again. They just sit down and take anything that comes their way. They just have to treat us right and they would not have problems with anybody. I have shot two movies and I am not even a major producer. I am an actress trying to do this but I do know that if we treat people right, everybody goes away with a happy face. Don�t take advantage of the people you work with.�