Talk of GH �Rep Your City� To Hit A City Near You

Talk of GH is a leader in online P.R. coverage services for all types of entertainment shows, news, culture and events. Using this platform, TALK OF GH aims to create the largest following of Ghanaians living in Ghana and the Diaspora to use its social networks to interact, view digital coverage content, keep abreast with the latest news, events as well as express their thoughts and views through this medium. With the rapidly growing entertainment industry in Ghana, there is a need for a proven event management P.R. company. With a steadily increasing 69,000 fans on our Facebook page and a growing 60,798 monthly active users the company have filled this void as we strive to excel further in this diversified sector of event management services in Ghana and beyond. As with many countries, the main events are concentrated in the metropolis excluding the other states or regions. In this light, TALK OF GH has decided to take its social gathering experience to the other towns and cities in Ghana aptly dubbed the �REP YOUR CITY� tour. This will be achieved by visiting their city centers, regional tourist sites and popular places of interest by day and at night. This nationwide tour, will include a host of captivating activities encompassing all the regions of Ghana with emphasis on entertainment and its vibrant lifestyle following. The climax of this tour will be a massive club carnival in the city of Accra. All activities will start at 10:00pm each day through the night at all the selected night clubs. The tour will be covered from beginning to end with a compilation of all digital material into an entertaining video and photo documentary. A percentage of the proceeds acquired from the tour would be donated to the various registered and well recognized charities in each region. They invite sponsorship and endorsements from companies, as they believe that communal collaborative efforts in supporting the REP YOUR CITY tour will yield encouraging results and make this first of a kind nationwide tour a successful platform to build brands and awareness. The tour is sponsored by;SMIRNOFF, COLOUR PLANET, ATLAS RENT-A-CAR, DRINKS.COM, BISSAP ICE and TRUBAKER.