The Robbers Were Good Fans Of Mine Says Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is not only a great actress, but certainly displays courage and a sense of humour, even when faced with adversities. Juliet had armed robbers invading her household last Wednesday soon after her return from the United States. The dare-devil robbers deprived the actress and her family of their phones, ipads and an undisclosed sum of money. But the charming actress managed to find nice words to describe the miscreants: �they are my good fans for not hurting any of my family.� There have been conflicting reports as to how the incident happened, with several media outfits reporting that the actress was attacked Tuesday at the airport as she arrived from a trip to the US. The actress, who was disturbed by the wrong reportage of the incident by the media, said: �I only want everybody to know I am fine; my family and I were attacked at home, not the airport.� She added: �it�s quite said that some people in Ghana see someone�s misfortune as a joke and can sit around on social networks and publish crappy stuff about the robbery.� Juliet said the attack occurred around 9pm during a power outage. �If there was light, we would have been able to see the black car parked in the darkness and known way ahead of time. I guess these are the things we have to go through because of the constant blackouts in our country,� she said. She was however grateful for the life of her family and that of herself, and �I am sure the robbers are reading this message; I would like to say thanks to them for keeping their word of not hurting my family. They were good fans of mine.�