Husband of Gospel Artiste 'Chasing' Another Gospel Star (GRAPEVINE)

It is understandable when you get a �worldly� fellow acting a fool in terms of his actions and character, but it sure doesn�t sound right when a Christian, a spirit filled son of God is found to possess a sordid and an unpleasant character. The husband of renowned, award winning gospel artiste who doubles as her manager is really not filled with the spirit as we thought. The man simply loves women as he virtually chases everything in skirt and I mean everything. In fact, in the eyes of Ghanaians, we thought their marriage was one rosy one because the gospel artiste recently showered her husband with some gift(s) at an event � but apparently, the man has �satanic� affinity for other women, instead of just sticking to his wife, who is pretty and has a sweet voice as well. The gospel artiste was once signed to one big producer, very big in Ghana and the husband was said to have made advances towards the daughter of the producer but failed miserably. Recently, this husband cum manager cum son of God has turned his adulterous eyes on another pretty gospel artiste, very pretty � who is also a good friend to the wife. He has been chasing this beautiful lady so much that the lady is tired, tired of running, wabre, adzeen! This and many more juicy stories in �Razzmatazz (RAZZ). Grab your copy now.