Ghana Movie Awards Opens Nominations & Changes Event Date

To those who had thought that Ghana Movie Awards will not come off this year, information with Flex indicates that nominations are already open to prospective applicants. However, some movie producers are bellyaching this year�s mode of organization as they claim it has not been appraised of the official opening of the nominations. In a phone interview with Fred Nuamah, founder of the awards who is currently not in the country, he revealed to Flex newspaper that, the movie industry has associations, and even though not every movie producer in the country belongs to the producers association, every movie released in the country passes through them. He added the Film Producers Association of Ghana together with the Film Regulatory Council know the number of movies released between 2011 and 2012, so he and his team felt that, the job would be expeditious if they officially inform the film producers and the film regulatory body of Ghana to relay the information to their members or clients. The Ghana Movie Awards founder continued that on that premise, they have publicly opened entries where film producers in the southern part of the country can pick their forms in Accra and those in the northern part pick theirs in Kumasi. Fred also added that the independent producers can also pick their forms at the office of the Film Producers Association of Ghana and submit the movie to their office. As to why he hasn't informed the media about the latest development, he responded that the film producers are under one umbrella and the movies released to the market pass through one channel, so they informing the film producers and film regulatory body means they have informed all producers in Ghana including the independent producers. In a separate chat with the film producers P.R.O Socrate Safo who has never attended any of the movie awards ceremonies since its inception for reasons best known to him, he confirmed that, it is true that the organizers have opened nominations. So as to why the media has not been informed about it, he can�t tell but he believes Fred Nuahmah is on the right track and with a full support from all producers in the country. He also added that he was aware that the date of the event will be changed from December 25 to November 25th due to the election factor , �I think we were informed that the date of the awards would be changed from 25th December to November 25th, but I think is better you also confirm that one from the organizers� he added.