Budding Ghanaian Actor Stabbed... By Lover

Peacefmonline.com is reliably informed that Ghanaian actor Eddy Nartey has been stabbed by his girlfriend at his residence in Accra. According to a close source, Eddy Nartey who was present with the said girlfriend at the premiere of the his new movie “Testing the Waters” at Silver bird cinema on Friday, October 26, 2012, had some misunderstanding with his lover during the movie premiere leading to both going their separate ways after the premiere. The source told Peacefmonline.com that actor Eddy went home with another lady to spend the night with her, but his girlfriend somehow got wind of that. Nartey's girlfriend, who is believed to be a Nigerian, allegedly went to the boyfriend’s house unannounced in the early hours of Saturday. Peacefmonline.com is reliably informed that the Nigerian lady on reaching Eddy's place of residence did not knock and stealthily entered the room through the window by removing the louvre blades. Lo and behold, her worst fears were confirmed when she chanced upon Eddy in bed with another woman, obviously warming him. Love knows no fury like a woman betrayed and Eddy's girlfriend is said to have destroyed virtually every valuable item in the room including his shoes, a 42 inch Television set and a Home Theater. She is also reported to have ripped apart all clothes belonging to the Ghanaian actor she could laid her hands on. The source disclosed to peacefmonline that the anger of Eddy's girlfriend knew no bounds as she allegedly picked up a piece of the broken louvre blade and stabbed the budding Ghanaian actor who bled profusely whiles being rushed to a hospital for medical attention. The case has since been reported to the Mamprobi Police who have placed the Nigerian lady under custody. Eddy, according to sources, is still hospitalized. Keep reading for more details.