Did John Dumelo Really Endorse President Mahama?

I tuned in on Wednesday evening to see a campaign promo for the National Democratic Congress( NDC) featuring leading Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo. The TV promo started with a general peace message from the actor who called for peace during the December 7 elections and before I could say jack, it ended with a declaration of President John Mahama as a man of peace and a call to vote for him. I don�t think I heard the actor saying in the promo that he endorses the NDC, but after his peace message, a different voice ushered in the campaign for President Mahama. Well, in a country where political parties use voices of prominent people without their consent for political gains, it could be that the video is a generic promo for peace by celebrities that has been �doctored� to suit the NDC. Please tell me I am correct before I see the promo for a second time.