I�m A Motorbike Addict- J-Town Reveals

Producer, singer and Ghanaian Hip hop artiste J-Town has opened up about why he attends functions on motorbikes, explaining he has a very strong passion for motorbikes. J-Town, known in real life as Stephen Menson, confirmed to NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that this passion for motorbikes had grown so much that his mother had been complaining about it. �My mum is not a huge fun of bikes that�s why she complained but then she now understands that bikes are a part of me,� the former Skillions records member said. The 2008 Sprite Emcee Africa Rap Battle champion noted that currently, he had three expensive bikes parked in his garage and he loved all of them. �Like the way people are choosy when it comes to choosing partners, I am very choosy when it comes to motorbikes. I like particular models and I have owned over 12 motorbikes.� J-Town has been spotted by NEWS-ONE with Yamaha bikes, BMW bikes, Honda bikes and KTM bikes. �I love bikes. In fact I consider myself as a collector. Everybody likes something but for me I love bikes.� J-Town, who is popularly known for the hook he sang on Sarkodie�s �Borga Borga� hit song, said he loved the part of the �Borga Borga� song he did. �I met Sarkodie in the studio. I did this beat and he loved it and so when he was recording his album, he called me to come and do a hook for him. The result was �Boga Boga�. I love singing but it�s not the main thing for me now.� J-town also revealed to NEWS-ONE that it was not true that he left Skillion Records because there was a beef between them but he left only because he wanted to do his own thing. �There was never a beef between us. Creatively everyone found what they wanted to do with their music and so moved on. Jay So has Skillions Records, EL has BBnZ, Ball J is with his NU AFRiKA and I�m with my record label H.O.O.D.� Currently, J-Town has released a new single, �Bad Gyal�, which is making waves on the music scene.