Some Ladies Have Threatened To Kill Themselves If I Don�t Accept Their Proposal - Actor

Kumasi based actor, Lil Wayne aka Kojo Nkansah may have gained popularity as Ghana�s most ugly actor when he started his acting career but now, he claims �a lot of single women are bent on attracting my attention but I keep telling them I am engaged. �Some have even threatened to kill themselves if I don�t accept their proposal� Lil Wayne told Showbiz last Thursday. According to the 26 year- old actor who is known for movies such as Azonto Ghost, Sika Kasa, Bosam Bofo, Mogya Kronkron, Obaa Nti and Agye Nyame Ba Mu, he sometimes feel bad about the situation but there is nothing he can do since he is engaged to his sweetheart, Patricia Afriyie and plans to marry her soon. Lil Wayne said he would sometimes have to call his girlfriend on phone in front of the women expressing love to him to prove that he wasn�t lying when he said he was in a relationship. He described his girlfriend, Patricia as a sweet lady who has been by him for close to five years when he was nobody. �Some celebrities will easily forget about their girlfriends they have toiled with when they became famous, but I will not do that for anything because she has helped me a lot. I know if I was nobody, the ladies who are willing to date me now will probably not accept me if I wanted to date them�, Lil Wayne said. He stated that he didn�t want to take advantage of any lady because he is now famous, � I know a lot of celebrities who go running after different ladies when the cash starts coming but I am comfortable with who I am dating now and never have I thought of breaking up with her�. Although he has earned the attention of many Ghanaians with his witty words and good acting, Lil Wayne claims his best is yet to come. According to him, he is always learning new things and tries to improve upon what he�s done previously. He said �I don�t allow stardom to get into my head; I rather keep calm and learn from others because I know where I am coming from. I have really gone through a lot before getting here and if I am making it today, I believe the best thing is to learn more and be on top for a very long time�. Talking about how he entered into movies, Lil Wayne a former student of Methodist Primary JSS in Kumasi said he wasn�t a brilliant student in class but won many awards for his drama group in school because he was very funny. He said his friends had always advise him to go into movies and when he had a chance during an audition he did his best and that was it. �I was very nervous seeing Agya Koo, Nana Ama McBrown, Kyeiwaa, Emelia Brobbey and Mercy Asiedu the first time on set but because I was doing plays at school, it wasn�t much of a problem for me acting alongside the big names�. Born to Mr. Kojo Nkansah and Miss Adwoa Offei in Kumasi, Lil Wayne said a lot of people have invited him to grace their functions but couldn�t make it because he is the indoor type.