Meet Helen Asante: The Cute Actress

Fast-rising Ghanaian actress Helen Asante is the latest to join the most sought-after names in the movie industry. After shooting up the fame ladder for the role she played in the award-winning movie ‘Somewhere In Africa’, a lot of producers from both Ghana and Nigeria have expressed interest in working with her. In an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, the stunning actress revealed that her great acting project, which was still on-going, was Sparrow Production’s ‘Adam’s Apples’ franchise. “I have enjoyed working on set but working with Shirley is just magnificent. The ‘Adam’s Apples’ installment has been my best project so far and looking forward to bigger projects in future,” the charming actress revealed. Her first professional role was in the movie ‘Wedlock of the God’. She also starred in a Nigerian series ‘About to Wed’ Helen also noted that she had been on the acting road for seven years and it had not been an easy one. “It is been hard. I won’t say that I had everything on the silver platter. There are times where producers and directors won’t cast me for a movie because they think I’m too small or tiny for the role. The big question is does the size really count? It is supposed to be the capability or how talented the person is to execute that role but to them, I think it is more of the appearance than what the person can deliver,” the 26-year-old actress recounted. Helen disclosed she had shots various movies both in Ghana and in Nigeria which were yet to be released. As an ambitious woman, Helen Asante said in terms of career, her greatest achievement would be picking up a major role in a Hollywood movie. “Someday, I’ll love to produce my own movie or come out with a massive story that is a success. But don’t be surprised if you find me in Hollywood,” Miss Asante stated. Currently, Helen Asante is doing various photo shoots in London with agencies whose names she asked to remain anonymous. Helen admitted that she was trying hard to break into the British market. “I’ll be having go-sees where I will be meeting with producers and directors for auditions for roles.” Born into a family of six, she hails from Kyebi in the Eastern Region.