Event Organizers Are Not Being Fair To Their Media Partners

Until recently, the concept of event organizers or companies getting free media publicity was lacking in our creative arts industry; but after getting such benignity from the media, the former exhibits sheer ingratitude. It is in the bid of helping grow the industry, publicity-batter and for solidarity sake that makes some media outfits give free publicity to any arts and entertainment events organizer (s).While the media outfits do their utmost best to give publicity to the event organizers, the inane thing the event organizers do in return is to design art work posters with the logos and media names of their media partners appearing as small as ants on the poster. Sometimes one has to strain the eyes in order to make out the media partners on the poster. At worst, one will not be able to make out the media partners because the media partners logos and or names are not just as small as ants but blurred as well. This media b�tise is one that no event organizer or company in Ghana's art and entertainment industry stands acquitted and discharged. They all stand accused. As much as the event companies always monitor their various media partners to see if they (the media partners) are honoring their promised media publicity and promotion to them, we the media also open our lenses wide to see the exposure and space the event companies give to us. In case our event companies think we're not watching, we do. At least if the other media outfits are not observing, Flex newspaper and flexghana.com do. What pains and also nettles me is the fact that these event companies cost and budget for media coverage into the master budgets they send to sponsors for financial support; yet they come to us for free media publicity. No wonder! 'Free-free' things give substandard results (I am not insinuating anything so please don't force your thoughts on me). This is just a warning to all event companies. You fooled us in 2012. We will not allow it to happen in 2013. Event companies should ensure that their graphic designers increase the sizes of their media partners' logos and or names on posters for enough visibility. To any event company who may be coming to us for media partnership for 2013, we welcome you with open hands but please bear in mind we demand our name/logo to appear 'Obolobo' or 'Oboshi' on your poster.