Letter To Sarkodie

Dear Sarkodie, Maybe you should have consulted Stephen Appiah before you launched your expensive SARK line. StepApp died without even trying. Shops still have the same StepApp clothes it stocked when the clothing line was launched some years back. When they "reduced to clear" those shadas, brodas no look am sef. Right now sef, if you put up a sign saying "Free StepApp clothes", people go start run in the opposite direction. Brodaman, I am not playa-hatin', but "boys" wont pay for "everyday clothes" such as jeans, tees, hoodies, sneakers, etc just because it has SARK on it. These are the kinda clothes boys go get for Kanta (of recent blazing memory), and any regular low cost boutique which are aplenty in Accra at "affordable" prices. In this here present Ghana, e be the stomach first oooh. Boys dey dress expensive, but if you "look inside", the total cost of the dressing from head to toe no dey enter GH100. The reality is that for boys to dole out that kinda money, it would only be for globally-recognised designer brands, not local champions. The thriving clothing lines all be African wears oooh so make you try look that side. Call me cheap, but for me to buy your belt at 180 Ghana, then unless you dey add 2 bottles of the missing ingredient, IRISH CREAM. HEheheheheee. Peace Andre Jr