Opinion: A Prayerful Petition To God

Given the rather ubiquitous and inundating effects of the ongoing Supreme Court proceedings of Ghana�s election petition, legal lexicons seem to be reigning in daily conversations of all kinds. It should not therefore come as a surprise to hear some Christians who are passionately following the court proceedings to pray in the manner presented below: MY LORD, this day, I appear before THE SUPREME COURT of heaven with my humble prayerful PETITION. With you in your majestic JUDGMENT seat, I trust that through Jesus, my LEAD COUNSEL, I shall be granted a FAIR HEARING. My Lord, you are the MOST LEARNED and THE ONLY LEGAL LUMINARY whose judgment cannot be CONTESTED. I worship YOUR LORDSHIP without any CONTEMPT OF THE HEAVENLY COURT. With or without OVER VOTING, you are still Lord. Great are your RULINGS. And anytime your heavenly COURT RISES, all enemies of the heavenly court scatter. Lord, Sometimes I wonder if any AFFIDAVIT FILED in praise of you is enough to fully appreciate your loving-kindness and mercies. Though I WAS NOT PRESENT (THERE), I still believe that you created the heavens, the earth and all that there is. MY LORD and My God, by the power of the Holy Ghost, I have a PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE that the arch enemy of the FRIENDS OF THE HEAVENLY COURT, Satan, has leveled several CHARGES AGAINST me. PURSUANT to ARTICLE (I JOHN) 1:9 of the heavenly CONSTITUTION, my Lord, I hereby inform my accuser that having confessed my sins already, his accusations FALL FLAT BEFORE THE LAW. My Lord, I am also not unaware that on the face of the PINK SHEET WITH EXHIBIT NO.: 419, the devil is CHALLENGING THE LEGITIMACY OF MY ELECTION into the family of Christ. Lord God Almighty, CITING THE CASE OF JOB VRS SATAN IN JOB 1: I-12, I hereby refuse this false accusation by Satan. In the name of Jesus, I THEREFORE SUGGEST TO THE DEVIL that he is MISLEADING THE HEAVENLY COURT � though he (Satan) can TESTIFY it is a futile exercise. Now, in the mighty name of Jesus, I thwart any machinations and orchestrations of the devil to cause any IRREGULARITIES in my life. By the power of the Holy Ghost, my Lord, let any demonic OBJECTIONS concerning my life be OVERRULED Conversely, my Lord, by the authority vested in your Lordship, let my OBJECTIONS to all satanic ploys or maneuverings against my life be SUSTAINED. I subject any demonic and diabolic WITNESSES OF THE DEVIL against my life to the incomparably dexterous CROSS-EXAMINATION of Jesus, my lead counsel. My Lord, with reference to THE CASE OF ONE OF YOUR MESSENGERS AND MICHAEL VRS THE PRINCE OF THE KINGDOM OF PERSIA IN DANIEL 10:10-14, may you DISMISS any AMICUS CURIAE that may unduly disrupt these heavenly court proceedings which seek to address my petition. RESPECTFULLY, my Lord, before you once again, I have duly presented my petition. And I BELIEVE BEYOND EVERY REASONABLE DOUBT that you shall grant my petition a FAVOURABLE HEARING. Through Jesus, my lead council, I REST MY CASE � SUBJECT TO YOUR RULING. Amen.