Marriage Is Sweet!

Coded, the bubbly and handsome member of the hiplife trio 4X4, is obviously blessing the day he found his sweetheart Maame Afua Agyeiwaa Opare with whom he tied the knot almost one year ago. �I keep telling my friends that I don�t deserve my wife. For her to take me away from the bad things I used to do, I simply don�t know how to describe such a person. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me�, he told Showbiz last Monday. �When I look back, I regret the terrible things I used to do, some of which I still haven�t been able to tell my wife after our marriage although she tells me everything I need to know. For this and others, I say I don�t deserve her but I am glad she still loves me for who I am�, Coded said. According to Coded who dated his sweetheart for seven years before getting married to her, if he knew marriage was this sweet he would have married much earlier. He said theirs was a marriage made in heaven and there had not been a day that the two have quarreled seriously since they got married. �I know what she likes and what she dislikes because we dated for a long time before we got married and I believe that is what has helped both of us to understand each other�, Coded said. Coded said that contrary to what most people perceive of young musicians, he is quite down to earth. According to him, if he was not performing with the other members of his group, he preferred to stay indoors with his wife, watch movies or go to the gym.� I am a responsible man who is ready to do anything for my wife because I truly love her from the bottom of my heart�. Talking about lady admirers, Coded said �the ladies who admire me know I am married so beside music, they don�t expect much from me and I don�t expect much from them either. My ring is always on my finger and I am very proud of it.� Any plans for starting a family? Coded said for now, they are keeping it cool until they start to make babies. Coded, as a member of 4X4, is credited with songs such as Contestant No. 1, Mokoni, Anadwo Yede,, Siklitele, World Trade Center and Waist and Power.