Majid Michel Honoured In Ivory Coast

Versatile Ghanaian actor Majid Michel picked an award in Ivory Coast last Sunday at the just ended African Golden Crown Award held in Abidjan (Le Grand Prix Africain Du Cinema De La Television Et des Tic � GOLDEN CROWN AWARDS). The award which was presented to him by the mayor of (Ivory Coast Attekube Abidjan) Danho Paulin Claude was said to be a special award given to him for his hard work in the African film industry. After receiving the award, Majid admonished African movie makers to pray for the mayor (Danho Paulin Claude) for deciding to invest into the African film Industry, by supporting the GPACT Awards and the Ivory Coast film industry. �Most of you might not know what is going on here now, but within a few years you will understand that the mayor has really chosen one of the biggest fields to invest in. Don�t forget one of the reasons America has reached where it is today is because of their films. So for any prominent person to decide to invest in the film industry, it means we all have to pray for him to do better,� Majid Michel said. Before the awards night on Sunday, Majid Michel and a few other movie makers across Africa were invited for a private chat and drink-up and at the private meeting, Majid revealed to the mayor that his last time in Abidjan was about 5 years ago and he had a lot of positive memorable experiences. So when he was invited again, he decided to honor the invitation with his wife, so his wife also can have a feel of the experience. He also said that he was ready to help build the Ivory Coast industry as they have already started and asking for his assistance in some areas. The director of the Awards (GPACT) Coulibaly Adama and his assistant Yaya Fofana also added that they knew Majid would be surprised that he was being celebrated and honored in Ivory Coast because they are a French speaking country but that tells how prevailing movie making is. �Majid is very popular in Ivory Coast though it is a French speaking country and you can all tell that anytime we step out with him, how everyone in the country hurries to see him and how our police men have to guard him in the multitudes. It tells he�s not only serving his country Ghana but Africa at large, so he deserves the great honor in Ivory Coast,� they voiced out. Apart from Majid Michel who picked the special Award, other African countries like Nigerian (Jennifer Oguzie ) for her role in the movie (Last flight to Abuja) Niger, Benin, Cameroon, Liberia, Chad, Togo, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, France, Gabon, Senegal, Central African republic etc also had some awards.