Woman�s Breast Explodes After Lying On Her Stomach For Four Hours

A Chinese woman�s breast implant ruptured after lying on her stomach for four hours playing a game on her phone. According to Chinese news reports, the woman from Beijing had been playing the game in bed when she felt a pain in her chest. She was taken to hospital and SZNews reports that a doctor said the low quality of the implant, combined with the pressure of lying on it for an extended period of time, had caused the rupture. It is not clear if the woman had the breast implant replaced � she apparently had the surgery to boost her low self-esteem. In 2011, a woman�s breast implant was apparently ruptured when she was shot in the chest while paintballing. The 26-year-old was hit at close range during the game in Croydon, south London. Although she did not make a complaint at the time, she went to her GP two days later who told her that the implant had been punctured. The company which runs the centre have since issued extra padding to all women with breast implants.nLast year a Texas woman filed a lawsuit claiming that one of her breast implants ruptured because a police officer used excessive force during her arrest.