Jon Germain Proves Critics Wrong

Many had suggested his music career will be a nine-day wonder, but music and TV icon Jon Germain has proven otherwise. He will take centre stage with a host of other gallant Ghanaian musicians as he launches his second studio album titled, �Enigma�. The album is tipped to be one of the best albums to be released this year with a huge input into its production and content. Jon Germain would be joined by the likes of 4x4, Chase, Asem, Stephanie Benson, Cweci Oteng, Ded Buddy and a host of others at Rhapsodies where the anticipated colourful event will place. When he first made his presence on the music scene with his album, many people doubted Jon Germain�s talent. They thought his career was going to be a nine-day wonder. But Jon seems to have proved his critics wrong with his upcoming second album. Months ago, Germain�s song �In My Head�, was the �ish� in the Big Brother (The Chase) house, when housemates went encore for the song. The song was played in one of the Big Brother houses and housemates wanted it on repeat. They fell in love with the lyrics, perhaps. For about three different days, some of them requested for the song to be played, saying; �Biggie we want to hear �In My Head�. Prior to that, some of the housemates sang alone when the song was first played.