Samini Hits Hard At Sarkodie & Shatta Wale

It seems Samini did not hear the plea of the self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta �Bandana� Wale. Samini's new song �Pink Sheet� produced by Magnom is a straight reply to Shatta wale for dissing him and Kaakie after the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013 and also a reply to Sarkodie�s Original Song released recently. In the song pink sheet, Samini starts by saying �It�s controversial� and tells his fans some artistes come and go because the fake would always fade away but he (Samini) would stay because he is ever green. He said now that they (referring to Shatta Wale and Sarkodie) have fans and are getting paid they have forgotten so soon that he (Samini) was already getting paid and they were once a fans when he (Samini) was rocking the shows. He said Yoggie Doggie couldn�t even stop him Samini because he is real and also signs good talents (referring to Kaakie). At a point he asked Sarkodie to come and stand in the witness box and defend his lyrics before he shoots him with his gun shots and his learnered friend should bring the pink sheet so that they can strike out the fake names. Sarkodie�s original song has raised a lot of questions on why Samini�s name was left from the music legends in the songs and Sarkodie claim to be the best MC in Ghana. Is this why Samini said real would only recognize real?