Be Calm: Justice Will Come

We learnt yesterday with shock the sentences passed on our compatriots Yahuza Yakubu, Abibu Dagbana, Majeed Alhassan, Alhassan Sayibu and Imoro Gundaana by a Tamale high court. The political underhand dealings of some interested politicians may have succeeded on this occasion but not for long and it is our conviction that justice will prevail in the long run and the truth will be told the world when the time comes. The Young Patriots have on several occasions sought to bring to the attention of authorities the unjust treatment our colleagues were going through after being held without trail for several years. Those press conferences and press release resulted in them being put under worst treatment including transfers to other cells. We wish to share in the pain, agony and frustrations of our colleagues, their families and all party foot soldiers especially those in the Tamale central constituency and the regional executives of the NP. Let everyone rest assured that all efforts and resources will not be spared in ensuring that Yahuza and co have their day of justice. We will not rest until the right thing is done. In the meantime we call on all party foot soldiers to remain calm and not be provoked into reacting. Any such thing will feed into the political machinations and shenanigans of the very political persons and party who are doing all to ensure our hard working colleagues never see the sunlight again. The timing of this sentence is not a coincidence, let us not hand them their wish. We also wish to commend Lawyer Nana Obiri Boahene for soldiering on and defending our colleagues through five grueling years with the meager resources he has. We promise to champion his cause and his believe in the innocence of our colleagues. We further call on all and sundry to give him the support he needs to ensure a successful appeal against the verdict handed our colleagues. Signed Richard Nyamah Fred Amankwah Sarfo John Kumah