Ghanaian Comedians Missing On 1016 Laughs And Music

All Charter House platforms are great but there are no two ways that some of the platforms are bigger and offer more exposure than the rest. This disparity is due to the kind of audience and attention some of their events receive and the “Laughs” series is no exception. It is highly respected and well patronized by the senior class of society who make decisions, therefore it is the dream of many to appear on such a platform. Fortunately or unfortunately, organizers Charter House are bringing patrons another wonderful edition of the programme dubbed a Night of 1016 Laughs and Music. The fortunate factor here is the truth that Ghanaians are about to have another reason to treat their stress and boredom sickness with great laughter whilst the unfortunate factor is the reality that there is no Ghanaian comedian on the platform. Where are our comedians who have been fighting for equality on such platforms? What happened to them this time round? This is a clear sign that our comedy industry in Ghana is dead and if care is not taken, we might not be able to revive it again until judgement day. It will surprise readers of Flex newspaper to know that not even the last man standing Funny Face was given a mention to be part of this, though we were even tired of him mastering the show with his boss Aboagye. In Ghana, there is no way a musical concert can happen in this country without the involvement of our local artistes, never in history has it happened and never will it happen because they control the music business in Ghana and not the foreign musicians. Reading an Ebenezer Narh Affum report on, I anticipated a good show this Saturday at the Accra International conference centre but the mere fact that there was no Ghanaian comedian on the show raised my fears that we are doomed in the future. We are reproducing a portion of the story here for your information. “When was the last time you had a good hearty laugh? When was the last time you had that exhausted feeling after a good laugh; the one you had your side hurting and you couldn’t catch your breath? When was the last time you laughed so loud that you had water dripping from your eyes and you even wet your pants? If it’s been a long time since you laughed, don’t be surprised if you fall sick sooner than later. At this point in time, I would like to say kudos to Charterhouse for having the health of Ghanaians in mind. This is because on Saturday August 24, 2013 at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghanaians would have the opportunity to prolong their lives as they would experience a great night of laughter. It’s all about The Night of 1016 Laughs and Music. On this night of laughter and music, patrons would have the chance to experience great comedy from the internationally acclaimed Rib cracker, Kevin Jay from UK, comedy King Gordons, the never sober Klint Da Drunk, Osama and the hysterical Sim Card; all from Nigeria. It promises to be a night patrons would never forget. Anyone who finds him or herself at the Accra International Conference Centre would by all means laugh as the comedians billed to perform are poised to turn the auditorium upside down. Patrons would also have the chance to listen and dance to good music from artistes like Okyeame Kwame and Nana Kontihene. Not only would they perform some of their songs but then, they would also make themselves comfortable in some seats at the auditorium and laugh out loud”.The Night of 1016 Laughs and Music is a show you can’t afford to miss. If you want to die early, then make sure you don’t come but if you really want to live long then all roads should lead to the Accra International Conference Centre on August 24,2013. Even before the show, you can download your favorite jokes at and start having a feeling of how good laughter is. Tickets for this show are available at X-MEN, MTN offices in Osu and Accra Mall and Charter House for Ghc100 Ground Floor and Ghc70, upper gallery. People interested in VVIP tickets can call 0547892605. The night of 1016 Laughs & Music is proudly brought to you by MTN, GhOne TV and powered by Charter House with Y FM as media partner.